Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee

Bisection similar to load scaling, are reducing the load applied, in order to help the solver to obtain convergence when it is struggling with the nonlinear solution due to to high load applied.
This means that a smaller load increment needed to be applied to achieve convergence. So see it as a way of getting convergence. Other Ways to help the solver obtain a converged solution are displacement scaling, arc length, and others.

So of course if it is converged then the solution is fine, and that is what matters (to have a converged solution), and since yours did it should be fine (of course if the solution is correct and represents reality, capturing the physics correctly, that is another question, which you would need to verify say against hand calcs. or validate against tests, so all FEA results should be checked like that). The bisection was just used to obtain a converged solution when it was difficult for the solver to do so.

I would suggest to read through the manual (search for bisection), this forum and the web for more info.

All the best