and thank you again for your suggestions. I tried the path you suggested and cleared the project data, but that did not solve the issue. Concerning user permissions, I'm the admin so this should not be an issue and did not change the standard user permissions for this account, so this should not be an issue. My antivirus software is bitdefender on top of the standard windows protection. I deactivated both and reran the whole project, but that did not solve the issue either. Afterwards, I uninstalled and reinstalled ANSYS 2021 R2 with and for the admin account and with all antivirus protection deactivated, but that did not help either. The "The system cannot find the specified path." warning keeps reappearing as well. Maybe it would help to know which path the system cannot find, but as I cannot solve an topology optimization successfully, I cannot find out if the path might be printed to the solver's log if it is found by the system. I double-checked if there is an error log after the installation, but there is none.
Regards Sebastian