Thankyou peter.
The Rigid element transfers forces to each node to keep the nodes on the plane, even through the plane can rotate as a whole if RZ is free on the pilot node, or kept vertical if RZ = 0 on the pilot node.
The plane you talking about is XY plane in above statement?
In shell case, if RZ free, it just gives bending in XY plane, but here, don't we get bending on XY plane if RZ free?
Kept vertical pilot node means if RZ =0? What it means?

One more question, I attached photo below, it's case our old 25Ôäà sliced hull hanged between 2 nodes.
In our old conversation,Earlier we were only applying local load of crane weight on T girder,along with hydrostatic load( pgh) while making both extreme nodes fixed or remote displacement.
But now we have value of bending moment of whole complete hull, and bending is coming almost near to middle of length of full hull.
So it means local crane load + hydrostatic load(pgh) + also want apply global bending moment of full complete length hull.
Can we apply the global bending moment while maintaining the case of simply supported beam?
As my hull is sliced and made only 25 % because of time limit, how to add this global hull bending moment?
Is bending moment we can apply in the middle of hull or just it will be applied only in either side of extreme ends of hull that is nodes in ansys?

Sorry as we are applying global bending moment,so we will exclude hydrostatic load, As bending moment itself is calculated taking all effects of static ( hydrostatic) and dynamic loads.

Thank you peter