I think it's possible Peter, that we can have cantilever beam with moment applied on one end, leaving all dof free in this node and other fixed.
I don't know your RZ leaving free and other fixed in cantilever beam will fail I guess?
Ok I guess with all rotation free, RX, RY, RZ, we will see bending on all 3 plane combination? XY, YZ and ZX? Right? But you told in earlier comment, RX =0, needed to solve matrix in ansys.. It means no YZ plane bending???
But what with translation, as you not told to make all translation free also, but in the photos you can see all translation free too, in cantilever case.

And also this cantilever facing point load at near middle of ship from crane ?

And of course we are doing it in ansys
Note: very stupid question, whenever you say, RX = 0 or X =0, it means fixed?? Right.. Not free offcourse.

I look for your solution and views