Hello Peter, I don't know how to delete last 3 comments, you can avoid reading them as I understood now.
Just one question I have still.
For applying moment, I will take it remote point & scope it in rote displacement and also in remote displacement I will use RZ free to get bending of ship in XY plane, but in remote displacement other dof like RY, RX and even translation they all will get zero?, it means fixed? Right?
Why people use even all rotation and translation free when apply moment to that particular node( like cantilever case) ?
And whether this remote displacement( rigid) will give correct stresses, if I apply scoped moment about one extreme node?
I saw your one post, where you were talking about remote displacement, there you told to apply tip force to get correct stresses, you told applying same displacement at remote displacement won't give correct stress, probably will show more stress.