Lito Yap
Ansys Employee
The Automation/Python API is part of our scripting environment. This will take the resource configuration settings from the FDTD CAD when running the simulation. i.e. the resource configuration set in the CAD/GUI is stored in your user's preference "FDTD Solutions.ini" file. This is used by the script to run the simulation. It will not run using the resources set in your submission script. If you want to use the resources set in your submission script you will have to run the "simulation.fsp" file directly by something like:
mpirun /path/to/Lumerical/installation/bin/fdtd-engine-impi-lcl -t 1 simulationfile.fsp
Otherwise, set your resources in the CAD/GUI and run the python script from the FDTD CAD/GUI. See this article for details: Lumerical job scheduler integration configuration (Slurm, Torque, LSF, SGE)