A CPS4 element in Abaqus is not a higher dof element. It is a 4 node plane stress element, which means it has a linear shape function, not quadratic.
Are you especially interested in plane stress? ANSYS can do fracture analysis on 3D solid elements as well as 2D elements. For 3D geometry, you can insert a Semi-Elliptical Crack Object on the geometry at a location of your choosing and have it automatically generate the mesh to analyze a crack. To use this feature, the base mesh must be quadratic tetrahedrons.
Open the ANSYS Help system and search for the word fracture.
Besides the support to compute Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics quantities, ANSYS can also compute Crack Growth.
ANSYS supports other approaches such as Interface Delamination and Contact Debonding in the family of Fracture analysis.