Navya C
Ansys Employee
Hi @Michael93 I didn't understand from the picture, where you want to create chamfer exactly in your model. But below is the information for using the chamfer command in Ansys maxwell.
1) Select the edge you want to change.
The edge is highlighted, and the Chamfer command is enabled.
2) Click Modeler>Chamfer or click the Chamfericon on the Draw ribbon.
The Chamfer Properties dialog box appears.

3) Type a value in the Left Distance text box, and select the units from the pull-down list.
4) Click OK to apply the change to the edge.
The Chamfer Properties dialog box closes, and the object is flattened by the radius value relative to the edge you selected.
If you want to flatten an objectÔÇÖs edge for an asymmetric chamfer:
Use the Chamfer Type drop-down menu to select the type:
Note: The Chamfer command may only be applied to edges of 3D solid objects. Therefore, the command is only available when working on a 3D Project.

Regards Navya