Ansys Employee
ELEMENT_SEATBELT_ACCELEROMETER is by far the best and easiest approach. It requires rigidizing only the three nodes that comprise the accelerometer - CONSTRAINED_NODAL_RIGID_BODY can be used for that purpose. Please give it a try.
An alternate approach is to use DEFINE_CURVE_FUNCTION with WDTM(nid1) where nid1 is the first node number to appear in DEFINE_COORDINATE_NODES and be sure to set FLAG=1 in that definition. The results of WDTM are recorded with DATABASE_CURVOUT
Another approach involves adding a shell element in the solid element mesh - the shell element will share the nodes with the solid elements. The shell element should be sufficiently thin (in SECTION_SHELL) and it's modulus sufficiently low (for example, MAT_ELASTIC) so as not to dramatically alter the stiffness of the parent solid part. Then, DATABASE_HISTORY_NODE and DATABASE_NODOUT can be used to monitor the rotational acceleration of one of the shell nodes.
ref: 2021112410000073