,what I would be suggesting is that you should re-create the line bodie in DesignModuler or SpaceClaim, whose shear/moment/displacement is flipped as you claim, now by making the line body's end vertex to become its starting vertex and line body's start vertex to becomes its end vertex. Then re-establish the path and re-check its shear force, bending moment and displacement diagrams. Hopefully this will solve the problem.
Also, one more option is that you can just try flipping the 'path oreintation' of that path, by right clicking path and choosing this option. And re-check again if it has solved the problem. I don't do this oftenly because sometimes it can also mess up the shear force, bending moment and displacement results.
Elements in ANSYS has oreintations associated with it, so if the path orientation is not agreeing with the orientation of the elements, then it might be possible that you will see flipped results. Both of the above suggestions can be tried
(I am assuming that you are sure the ANSYS itself is having flipped results, and the results with which you are cross-checking the ANSY results are absolutely correct).