OK, I missed some more details that might be important: after the film is placed on the bottom of the bowl (when the coating is on the bottom side of the film too), the bowl is "closed" on its the top. We can assume that the pressure of the yellow gas which is stored into the bowl remains constant. Actually, the pressure is the reason that the film sits and remains there (on the surface of the bowl). However, the coating material is very elastic, which leads to the scrolling effect. We can assume the coating stress of the material is uniform and we can assume that some gas is enter to the space between the film and the bowl after the scrolling starts.
I don't know yet what is the coefficient of the friction, but I guess I can findfrom the scholarly literature, so lets assume I have the value (thinking about it now - the film and the bowl will have different values. Can I enter, while running the simulation, both of the those values as the properties of the materials?).

Sorry about my Ensligh (not my native language) and once again - thank you very much for answers!