If by cell quality you mean that the size of the elements should be able to accurately get results, then I believe so. And the area of interest was the smaller enclosure with the thicker mesh. It still has one error message but is able to complete the mesh without failing (the second error in the image is from yesterday). I'm really not sure if that is sufficient or not, and to see whether or not its enough I'll really need the process explained like I'm a child, since I constantly feel like I'm missing a lot of background knowledge for using this program whenever I get on this forum.

EDIT: I removed the inflation and the error message disappeared. Now it's a "One or more objects may have lost some scoping attachments during the geometry update. You can identify these tree objects by filtering the tree using the Scoping option set to Partial. Project"). Actually going through what it says just has an empty display with nothing to interact with in the model space.