,sir I know that is not what would happen in the reality. I know what I did in my previous comment was something which won't happen. But try to understand me, what I am trying to convey here, sir. I am just doing it for the sake of understanding it properly. You remember this thing I said So I shouldn't worry about the top or bottom that if the contact will get detected or not for a pinball radius of 2.5 mm, if I just go for the bottom face of the solid body as contact, right?
I was talking about the top or bottom for the surface body. I wasn't talking about the solid body's top and bottom, because it doesn't exist. We just have one face for solid body, so it doesn't make any sense to have top and bottom. So I thought what you said is that since the contact gets detected from node to node, and since the contact face is now solid body's bottom face, it only has one way to go (i.e. away from it). Now, the nodes on the surface body (target) lie 2.1 mm away. So I think it shouldn't matter if I choose Top or Bottom because the contact is not being detected in any direction from the target at all. It is being detected from the contact face (bottom face of the solid body), so it doesn't matter whether I go for Top or Bottom for Target surface body.
I hope I was able to convey my thoughts properly now.