[EDIT]: I was not sure what you mean by "how big is the model", I was still typing this update and getting the files and links together when you published your response, but struggling through the Ansys user guide:
I (through trial and error), discovered that by "ANSYS FLUENT", they meant the Solution part of the program. Thanks to having to discover where the tabs were through trial and error, Ansys recognises that a change has occurred to the Mesh file (I did not change a thing, but searched for the mesh info). As a result my charts are gone.
I found another question when searching for a method for finding "how big is the model" is:
Now the response this person received was to "click on the Solution Information Folder". I have found where this is for Ansys Mechanical, but not for FLUENT.
Typing "report/system/sys-stats" returns:
Checking the Mesh Memory I get:
And typing the "report/system/proc-stats" command I get:

This information is all from the server. The number of cells were 98220 elements and 111440 nodes. So in future would you recommend producing the charts in Setup of Ansys Fluent (just referring to Ansys Fluent is too confusing as there are too many aspects of FLUENT, we have Geometry, Mesh, Setup and Solution).
For my personal machine I still can't recover the project following the crash. I've wasted an entire morning struggling through the User Guide and consulting semi-relevant forums to try to recover the project from files present within the dp0 folder. There should be an easily accessible section in the User Guide that explains how to do this, if there is; I can't find it as I do not have time to read a user manual that size, linearly; very few people do.
Thank you