Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee

I can not offer also much more assistance, but
perhaps if you add inline screenshots of all these (point 1 2 and 3) then perhaps some users and members of the forum might be able to help.
Also in point 3 you mention loads, and then you look at natural modes and frequencies in a modal analysis. Loads are not accounted for and can not be used in a modal analysis, also clarify that and you will be more likely to receive some help from users in this forum, because it is a bit confusing at the moment.

Finally I assume you mean Ansys APDL and not ANsys mechanical which is inside Workbench - so you use Ansys MAPDL, just as used in this post ( Also make sure you restrain the midplane of the solid just as I showed (you would need to nsel all nodes and restrain as needed). Perhaps also try first with a simple model in order to get the set up correct.
All the best of luck