Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee

I would try to run a simple test case (as shown below), where you use this script, and thus expect a certain behaviour.

So say the spring changes stiffness halfway through the analysis (say from 1 N/mm to 2 N/mm at time 9.5 sec.) then in the spring probe for the spring which is just attached to a block which is being pulled by a constant displacement (1 mm), we should see the force in the spring doubling from 1 N to 2 N, just as shown below so that is a simple example on how to see that the script (apdl to have time dependent stiffness) works.
Of course one can create many different type of tests so this is just a simple one for reference, and in order to explain how one can check if a script does what it is supposed to do.

All the best