Hello Rob
As i am unable to get correct y+ for k e model(between 30 to 300), i tried using adaptive mesh refinement in 2019 R2. i gave the range 30 to 80 under Register tab, and later than in Adaption control tab, i selected my new cell register(name in my case as can be seen from photo"yplus_star_0") & than i hit "Adapt" button...........after running 500 iteration in calculation tab, still getting high y+ , where i am doing wrong??
Note: i am doing it over my "ship" wall.I mean this adaptive refinement, as i want very fine mesh around ship
Can you also tell what kind of mesh is best suite for adaptive mesh refinement(currently my mesh is made of tetrahedral, due to limitation of multiphase).
In 2019 R2, it dont have Gradient based daption method, only contain two methods as shown in 2nd photo