Hello Rob
So in single phase, nor we have waves, nor we have wakes....thus single phase totally exclude any any resistance developing due to wave and wave effects(like wake effect on free surface).........and in multiphase, it include all so it will produce total resistance(which include pressure, viscous,frictional and wave resistance).
Am i right?
In single phase, because we dont use vof model, we cant calculate free surface and its effects? Right??
In single phase, do we get waves???
i want know if we dont have waves, how its practicable , our ship moves in water, but we have no waves??

plaese i am confused, can you correct me, what single phase contain, in my understanding, when we already chopped fluid domain from free surface...we wont we having free surface and its effects and also waves...we will only we left with our ship immersed with viscous fluid ??