Thanks for the reply.
What type of analysis was performed for you to know the forces and moments of the bearings? - A CFD Analysis of the system gave the values of resultant forces and moments at the bearing.
do you intend to do a linear analysis (material and geometry wise)? - What is your suggestion? I think I want to include contacts so it might be a nonlinear in that sense. Main motive is what are the deflections when the shaft is suspended with its values on the 2 bearings and the 2 rotors at the ends.
How is the bearing connected to this rod? i.e. what DOFs are allowed or restrained from motion. - The following link will answer the question.
CHP5.5-5.6.pdf ( please check this link. Single journal bearing is the one which is my case.
Assume the axis of shaft is Z direction.It isconstraining motion in X and Y direction. Hence has a corresponding Fx,Fy and Mx,My generated. The resultant moment and force are calculated with CFD analysis. Should I use these as bearing loads in ANSYS Structural settings for BCs.? The bearing is not an axial bearing it is a radial bearing.