Sir, I need to specify some certain number of points on that line, so that while doing grid independence test, I would get my property value at same location which will help me for comparison later on.
But now I am only able to plot using curve length as X axis which is not consistent. For e.g. if I use a coarse mesh, Fluent will consider some set of data points, but if I refine the mesh further (especially along the wall) then fluent will consider other set of points on the same wall which will later results in wrong comparison.
Even though the curve length of edge is same, but the location of points where these property has been calculated will be different which will indirectly leads to wrong meaning of Grid Independence test.
I know that interpolated curve through these random points should match, but the problem is the number of data points under Chart count very less, so interpolated curve through these points for different mesh will be slightly different.
Else the only option is to keep the number of division on that edge same and increase the mesh density in vertical direction, then only I will get same set of location of points on the green edge using Curve length as X axis.
Ok lets forget about equidistant points , are there any ways to specify set of points (x,y coordinates) on that green wall and plot the properties at that set of location.
I thought of using point cloud but in X-Y plot under location section, the point cloud is not shown.
Are there any ways to do it?