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In the injections window there is a little (probably mostly passed-by one) drop-down titled "discrete phase domain" which includes a "none" choice as well as your already defined granular phase.
When choosing none as the dp domain, the particles injected are of zero volume, though having non-zero mass. My issue is that I am using ddpm and this does not fit my case I think - primarily because in ddpm, volume fraction is not negligible.
1. So my first question is about when this none can be used in addpmcase.
2. Choosing the discrete phase instead of none leaves me with limited options on parcels, rendering their size dependent on the smallest cell volume in the mesh. This results in a high number of particles and super slow iterations.
What should I do? And what are occasions where either one is preferred over the other?
And Ansys staffs, if this is mentioned in a course, please let me know which one it is.