Govindan Nagappan
Ansys Employee
See if Peter's suggestion of using Surface coating helps
If you need to mesh it with solid elements, consider slicing the body and using sweep/Multizone or thin sweep so that you have hexa prism mesh. You need to slice geometry in DM or Spaceclaim to create sweepable bodies. You may have to set check element quality to No in details of mesh. (because the aspect ratio for cells could be high in a thin solid geometry)

Newer versions have a Pull(Extrude) feature that can be used to create solid mesh from existing faces. Turn of beta options in older version(From WB project schematic, go to Tools -> Options -> Appearance) and see if this is available. If you do not see it when you right click on Mesh - Insert it is probably not available in the version you are using. Image below is from 2022R1