Ansys Employee
Thanks for the additional information . In such case you can make use of the PlotData property from the result plot to loop through the data table and find the nodes that have the maximum stress value. Below is a script based on yours. Also adding a screenshot so that it's easier to read.

# Create Normal Stress Plot
model = ExtAPI.DataModel.Project.Model
solution = model.Analyses[0].Solution
new_stress = solution.AddNormalStress new_stress.EvaluateAllResults max_stress = new_stress.Maximum

# Extract data from plot
plot_data = new_stress.PlotData
nodes = plot_data ['Node']
result_value = plot_data ['Values']

# Handle unit conversion
import units

for index in range(len(nodes)):
if result_value[index] == max_stress.Value*scale_factor: