The 'import_optimized' I added in the 'forward_0' simulation file was imported with importnk2, and the transmittance results obtained are the same as 'import'.
Maybe I found the difference, the refractive index in the 'forward_0' is
And in the script-made simulation is
one is 3.48, another one is 2.82, why it happen, I import it with the same script and 'structure.mat', I get the 'structure.mat' by transform the 'parameters_.npz' to '.mat' and get the 'eps' of the 'structure' type date in the matlab, the 'structure.mat' corresponding highest refractive index should be 3.48, why is it 2.82 in 'forward_0', is it the reason of VarFDTD?
should I send you these file to figure out the problem better?
thank you so much!