Hi I tried using Reynolds initially but when I calculated it and displayed the contour I get this. I am showing both the formula I used and the contour. As you can see the Reynolds Number from the start of the flow is negative 10^6. which is confusing.
I believe my mesh quality is good:
Mesh Quality:
Minimum Orthogonal Quality = 1.11923e-01 cell 5358761 on zone 138 (ID: 5358762 on partition: 0) at location (-3.89613e-01 -3.00474e-01 -1.81408e-03)
Maximum Aspect Ratio = 6.79135e+02 cell 5335807 on zone 138 (ID: 5335808 on partition: 0) at location (-3.89023e-01 -3.00435e-01 -1.75374e-03)
The simulation converged at 678 iterations.