Delete the Contact Region between the Axle and Tire. The Revolute joint connects the Axle and Tire. The Contact Region prevents the tire from rotating on the axle.
What is Joint 4 for? You do not want a joint between the Tire and Ground. Delete it.
You only want one Revolute Joint Load, delete the extras. Keep the load on the Revolute Drum to Ground. Make the load an angular velocity instead of a displacement.
You don't need 60 steps to turn the tire. You can do the analysis in 4 steps.
Step 1, end time 1 second, ramp the Pressure up from 0 to some psi.
Step 2, end time 2 seconds, ramp the Joint Displacement up to some number of mm to squash the tire on the drum. Keep the pressure constant.
Step 3, end time 4 seconds, ramp the Drum Revolute Joint Velocity up to some specific angular velocity, keep the pressure constant and keep the displacement constant.
Step 4, end time 6 or 60 seconds, keep the Revolute Joint Velocity at a constant angular velocity equal to the value at the end of step 3. Keep the pressure and displacement constant. Step 4 is when the heat will build up in the tire.