Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee
"then what is the point of having LNOIs with LN thickness vary from 500nm to 900nm?"
This depends on customer's goal. Some may want to have different result, eg, to couple with other waveguide/fiber etc.
"Doubts regarding Mode:"
If the waveguide is symmetric, mode degeneracy can happen. If you know exactly what does TE mode mean, eg, its dominant component is Ey or others, you can choose that one. To make sure it is a pure mode without degeneracy, you can use symmetry BCs: Power coupling and TE polarization returning different results for same simulation (FDE) ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum
"Regarding Boundary condition:"
Metal BC is recommended to get quickly the result, and it works in most cases.
PML BC is required when the modes have leakage/radiation, eg, bent waveguide, etc. The PML may also introduce a very small loss, eg, or the order of 1e-5 or so to imag(neff). Sometimes you see a "negative loss", which is numerical error. You may need to increase the distance between PML and the waveguide core.