Hello Dr Amine Here you can see
When I try to plot liquid fraction:
The result is like
When I check the temperature distribution if it exceeds melting (1150K) then the thermal gradient looks like this
When I run the simulation with VOF model on:
Properties of Liquid Aluminum

Cell Zone Condition Energy source defined as constant heat flux for pb_left and pb_right these regions can be distinguished in the temperature contour with color gradient

Boundary condition for pb_left and pb_right the other boundaries constant at 300K

Time step size defined as 0.1 which is smaller then the courant number (0.25)
Liquid volume fraction is like
when I change the surface tension coefficient from -0.0036 (this value given in the ansys tutorial for marangoni stress) to 0 result does not change
If you need further info please let me know. I guess I need to clarify the definitions for fluid and solid region. For melting metal I defined as liquid aluminum. Do I need to define melting region in two groups as fluid and solid or how can I do that