Do you mean a literal shock wave or do you mean a wavefront that moves through the object at the speed of sound?

A shock wave is generated when a wave propagates through a medium at a speed faster than the speed of sound travels through that medium. A supersonic plane can travel through air faster than the speed of sound. An explosion can also create a shock wave in the air. The sudden pressure change in air causes the sonic boom or blast wave that can be heard on the ground some distance away. ANSYS Fluent and other CFD codes can simulate supersonic shock waves.

Sound waves also propogate through materials at the speed of sound. The wavefront can be simulated in Explicit Dynnamics when some type of energy impacts a material. The energy could be in the form of a solid impact, or a pressure wave from a fluid medium such as air or water.

Please describe more completely what it is you are trying to simulate.