Thomas Magnac
Ansys Employee

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I would recommend using a 3D irradiance sensor instead of a 2D irradiance sensor, for the following reasons:  

  1. 2D irradiance is only placed on a virtual plane, there is no mesh on this plane. 

  1. On your solar collector, you probably need absorption on it but a 2D irradiance sensor has no optical property to get this information. 

Here’s a suggested workflow to perform a SPEOS – Mechanical connection:  

In speos: 

  1. Named Selection group is the key element to correctly perform a Multiphysics simulation between Speos and Mechanical.  

    • Make sure you have created an NS for each component you want to analyze. 


  • Make also sure these groups are applied to each geometry (assign your material with Groups, not bodies) 




  1. XM3 data export: 


In Workbench: 

  • Geometry imports from Speos to Mechanical -> Use External Data block to import data exported from XM3 -> Thermal block allows to manage thermal simulation in Mechanical



Then you can perform a thermal simulation (in this example is a steady-state thermal simulation but it depends on your project)