Ansys Employee

Hi agarwa20, first, you have well documented all steps.
And making sure the Maxwell model is working fine with the single design point (mentioned in step 5) is a very good approach.
I have 3 thoughts to share:
1)    Setup of RSM
In step 3 you have defined the RSM based on the “Project Schematic”. I would suggest keeping the “Component Execution Mode” as “Serial”.
If you the click on the “Parameter Set” you can specify more clearly how the 4 Design (specified in step 2) should be executed (e.g. in 4 Jobs with 1 Task, as shown in the picture):
More details on the settings are available in the Ansys help:

2)    Error and Log messages
In the bottom righty you find the “Job Monitoring” and the Messages.
In the Job Monitor you will get quite detailed information about the status of each job.
This may give additional information why a Job fails.

3)    Alternatives?
If you still cannot resolve the issue, it might me a good Idea to reach out to your local Ansys support resource to discuss the issue in detail. Or you may also think about alternatives like running the optiSLang application and connecting to Workbench with the Workbench node etc.

I hope this helps.