Hello again @peteroznewman,

My userid was my accountid yesterday like you but seems like they're updating also hour by hour. I liked the new forum, hopefully it brings new useful features for us.

The link of the file which has the ansys archieve file and .bdf that I got from exporting Nastran .bdf execution, is in the following link. For future questions about my model, I'm here to explain in detail. Basically, I'm trying to make the same modal analysis in Nastran by selecting some outputs and visualizing the results like mode shapes in Patran and having my validation of Ansys results with another FEA program. I'm not familiar with the Nastran and maybe that's the reason why I'm not converting it in a right way from Ansys to Nastran. The thing is, finite element theory is the same for every program as I've seen so far, but the elements might have different rules and specifications. I hope, I can learn a little bit more while I'm trying to convert my model.

Please note that I'm using Ansys 2021R2 version.

Thanks in advance!