Ingrid Machecler
Ansys Employee

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For and foremost, sorry for the delay in this reply.

One you have your geometry created in an APDL format and ready to load in Mechanical (let’s say Static Structural), you will be in the position to use the AnsToAnsys APDL module.

You only need to enter this line and trigger a solve (which will fail but this is not import).

In the solve directory, you will find a file.aqwa file generated which corresponds to the Aqwa input file (and more importantly, the geometry which is what your are after).

Mass and inertia are calculated from the structural model.

There are also some defaults values set (ie, the number of wave frequencies, their spacing, etc…).

There is a limited support for line bodies so he will need to enrich its Aqwa input file with whatever additional information needed.

Alternatively, if you want to customize your own script and it instead of the default dll modul, you can make a copy of the Anstoaqwa macro which is located in the install (c:\Ansys inc\v[version]\ansys\apdl\) and then specify to use this macro in his APDL command (*USE command)

I hope this helps.

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