I am not sure if I understood your point here, Robert.

As you can see in the photos, the wires are not straight cylinders and are curved. This is what the particle track looks like for a group injection of 5 parcels for 2 different cases. The body of influence feature has been used for mesh generation and CFD mesh size close to the walls is 4e-6m for both cases and the mesh size up/downstream of the walls is 8e-6m in one case and 16e-6m in the other. All the other settings are the same for both cases and only mesh size has changed)

in the images below, you can see that a specific particle injected at the same location and velocity and ... in both cases ends up getting trapped in one of the cases and in the other one it maneuvers and passes the wall and ends up escaping the domain at the outlet.

Please note that what you see in the photo is the 4th screen layer and the particle track is coloured by its distance from the wall in the range of [1e-8 to 1e-6m].