Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee


In both MODE and FDTD, you can plot the phase vs wavelength/frequency, vs space coordinate at a single wavelength, or vs a sweep parameter.

for 1D phase, you can use

plot(x,phase,”x”,”phase”,”phase vs x”)

here x can be wavelength/frequency/space-coordinate/sweep-parameter

for 2D phase, you can use


where x and y are the same as above.

you may use matlab or other 3rd party tools to plot.

You can use pinch to remove singleton dimension.

A plannar frequency-domain monitor gives E/H/P as a function of x,y,z and wavelength/frequency. So in general the phase extracted from a monitor will have 4 dimensions, although one of the xyz will be singleton.

You can specify a particular dimension. Say you have a xy plane monitor. The phase will be


Using pinch to remove z singleton; phase=pinch(phase).

If you want to image phase or a specific wavelength, you can specify the frequency point, say fn (1<=fn<=nf), then

Image(x,y, pinch(phase(:,:fn)), “x”,”y”,”phase”);