Navya C
Ansys Employee

Hi @nc378690,

What is important here is the Ampere turns and the mmf generated by the coil. So, when you define the coil as a solid(which is enough for your application) applied current is equally distributed throughout the coil. When you define the current it is actually the ampere turns value.

If the coil is touching any of the conducting objects, you can assign an insulation boundary condition to the outer surface of the coil.

1) you can refer to the inbuilt example in this path - File>openexamples>Maxwell>General>Magnetostatic>Ex_MS_1_Magnetic_Force

2)You can go through the below getting started guide

3) You can also refer to the below video in the Ansys innovation courses
3D Magnetostatic Simulation of EMB Using Ansys Maxwell — Lesson 4 - ANSYS Innovation Courses