I've encountered another problem with data transfer from the host to the nodes. Lets assume my code looks something like this:


   real a[4], b[4], c[4], V ;
   #if !RP_HOST
   /*I use nodes to calculate V*/
   #endif /*!RP_HOST*/
   node_to_host_real_1(V) ;
   #if !RP_NODE
   /* I use V to calculate a & b on the host process*/
   #endif /*!RP_NODE*/
   host_to_node_real(a,4) ;         /*solution is stuck here*/
   host_to_node_real(b,4) ;
   Message0("\n a[1] = %f\n", a[1]) ;      /*This line is not executed*/
   #if !RP_HOST
   /*Use a & b to calculate c on the nodes*/
   #endif /*!RP_HOST*/
All of the above works fine (a and b are filled with real numbers), until it reaches the first line with red comment and the solver gets stuck there without giving any errors whatsoever (I have to actually end the fluent process to force it to exit). Also, I'm not getting any errors during compilation. Whats wrong here? or how can I debug this since I'm not getting any errors?