Mike Pettit
Ansys Employee


Disc elements can be added directly to your structure in the Aqwa Workbench editor. Right-click on the part, and Add > Disc. You should then define the disc diameter, position, normal direction and hydrodynamic properties (added mass and drag coefficients).

To add Morison tube elements, you need to modify the geometry so that it includes beams (line bodies). In DesignModeler: use Create > Point to create the ends of the line, then Concept > Lines From Points to create the line body itself. You should also define a cross section by selecting Concept > Cross Section, and assign this to the line body. In SpaceClaim: define a cross section by selecting Prepare > Profiles, then select an edge from a sketch or from an existing surface to assign the profile to that line. Once the line bodies have been added to the geometry, you should re-import your structure into the Aqwa Workbench editor, and you will see that you can modify their hydrodynamic properties under the Line Body Data object.

I hope this helps!