Thank you for your comment,

1. Sorry, I forgot to specify that I am working on explicit dynamics which prefers only surface offsets to the middle

2. From the Image 1 that you posted, it seems like the middle stiffner part is overlapping the L-bracket when surface is thickened, is that ok?. When we offset the surface to a particular direction how does the program see, is it mathematical or its just a visual graphics.

a) if its mathematical then the overlapping thickened surface creates an issue in the behaviour of the simulation

b) if its visual then it doesn’t matter in which direction we thicken the surface to, only thing that matter is the base surface body, right?

3. From the images that you posted it seems like you started with a surface body model in which all parts are in contact and you thickened the surfaces in different directions to avoid overlapping. If you’re able to work with only mid-surfaces (in explicit dynamics), ie., the surfaces can be thickened only using the middle option, definitely there would be a gap right !, in that case how can I define contacts?

Especially when working with huge asembly of surface bodies, its difficult memorize in which direction each surface should thicken to.