Mike Pettit
Ansys Employee


Please open the solver files directory for this analysis in Windows Explorer - if your project is saved as 'MyProject.wbpj', the solve files directory will be located in MyProject_files\dp0\AQW\AQW\AQ\Analysis. Open the Aqwa input file, ANALYSIS.DAT, using a text editor (e.g. Notepad). Scroll down through the file to see if there is anything unusual, for example an error message (just searching for 'error' might help). From the Aqwa output in your image, it looks like there is a problem in the element data. Please screenshot anything you find (don't attach the DAT file itself - as an Ansys employee I'm not allowed to download it from this thread).

We have encountered problems with imported geometries (i.e. not created directly in DesignModeler or SpaceClaim) which include Line Bodies, where the vertices of adjoining lines are not exactly coincident. Please check the geometry carefully to see if there are any very short line segments.

Cheers, Mike