You need a dummy body.  The dummy body has a Translational Joint to Ground with the axis normal to the road surface. The joint load is a displacement. The tire is on a revolute joint to the dummy body. The road is on a translational joint with the axis parallel to the road length. The joint load should be displacement. The velocity is calculated by displacement/end time. As the road moves, the tire will rotate by the frictional contact between the tire and the road.

In the Transient Structural analysis:

Step 1 holds all Joint Loads at 0 displacement and adds the Pressure with Time Integration Off

Step 2 moves the dummy body Translational Joint by a small distance to squash the tire with Time Integration Off. Probe the Joint Reaction to measure the Force. 

Step 3 change the road Translational Joint from 0 to the end displacement with Time Integration On.