Update on my approach:

Aim for this model is to use it for a parametric analysis of the cylindric cell adjusting the length and diameter. Therefore I want to brake it down in the following steps.
1) Simplify the cylindric cell as a hollow cylinder with spriales in in the inside
2) Create the hollow cylinder
3) Create one spiral (the radius must be aligned with the radius of the cylinder) as a layer of the jelly roll
4) Assemble spirals and cylinder as a 3D modell

1) And 2) are done. When designing the spiral I get an error in SpaceClaim. May someone can help me with this one?

Comsol has a tutorial but it didn´t help me with ANSYS: https://www.comsol.com/blogs/how-to-build-a-parameterized-archimedean-spiral-geometry/
Thanks ahead!


A cross section of an actual cell looks like this - if someone has a better approach I would be more than happy to hear it: https://www.mpoweruk.com/images/lg_cylindrical.gif