Hello Naresh,

thank you, I apprecitate. Actually I think i have resolved my issue with that, because now the stress profile of the analytical solution and the FEM solution are more or less coincident, so it should be good.

If you don't mind, I would I ask for your advice about another case: I have been doing also the cylinder on plane contact in 3D, using the Hertz contact for concentrated force per unit length (line pressure); I created a rectangular prism as the base and a quarter of cylinder with a equivalent surface pressure. The results I obtain are similar to the analytical solution but then are a little far. Here is the image of the stress distribution.

I tried to modify the solver method (Pure penalty and augmented lagrange), I improved the mesh, I put a lot of effort but the results, as you can see, cannot match exactly the analytical solution. Is there something else I can try?

Really thanks.