Hello Rob,

The particle size has always been 1 micron for all the cases I have studied so far. The smallest I will ever track later will be 0.1 microns.

here's a screenshot of the Cell Wall Distance reported in fluent on my walls. I got it using the following path:

reports>Area-weighted average>mesh>cell wall distance> All my walls


Also, Using Fluent meshing, I selected one random near-wall element on one of the walls and measured its height. it was: Distance = 2.016724e-07 as you can see in the following photo. 

I couldn't find any better way to report near-wall cell height in fluent meshing. If you know any, please let me know. 


And if you are interested, here is my Y+ reported as Area-weighted average on my walls again. Based on these values, I guess my near-wall cells are too thin. I purposefully created a fine mesh to make sure that I am in a safe zone on the Eulerian side of the solution.