Hello Nikhil,

Thank you for the reply. I have already read the section.

In that section, it is mentioned that Radiosity values are calculated at all the mesh faces/clusters. Then they are used to calculate wall temperatures.

1. It is mentioned that radiation source terms are highly non-linear. What are these source terms? Do they mean radiosity values?

2. It is also mentioned about distribution of flux and source terms appropriately. What is the description of flux and source term here?

3. There is a source term Sh in the heat tranfer energy equation 5.2-1. In that section 5.2, it is mentioned that when one of the radiation models are used, Sh includes radiation source terms. Please clarify, if S2S model is used, what is Sh and how it is computed.

4. Will Sh be used in Energy equation 5.2-1 when S2S model is used? Or the computed radiosity values are used as a boundary condition at the surfaces to determine temperatures?

I request you to kindly let me know about these.

Thanks in advance!