Hello @johndoyle, 

Thank you for the very helpful reply. I appreciated you help. 

I was successfully able to create a path and got the data to compare with my experimental value. 

But now the big problem is when I did the element clustering, I set it to the very small size and I see the tool path/printing path from my G-code. I noticed the very weird thing.

  1. I was planning to grab the cluster of cube of around 6-8 element and make it symmetric to all the layer. But  when I check the cluster volume by generating the G-code clustering, Its not even so symmetric even in the first layer. I wish I could share the video of my problem and may be that the good way to explain my problem. I double checkmy G_Code and all I am changing is the co-ordinate of the Z-axis( hight of z axis). It should be same cluster volume to every different layer through z-axis as I am not changing anything (co-ordinates) x and y on my Gcode. How can I make a symmetric cluster volume or symmetic path to every different layer.
  2. I have 28 layer but Element clusttering different in 1st layer and different in 28th layer. When I animate the result. It grabbing the element while printing simulation so randomly which doesnot even make sense. but the first layer seems okay. The Gcode of the first and 28th layer is 100% same in x and y co-ordinates all I am chaning is the z axix which is a height.
  3. I really need a support on this from ANSYS. Is there anyway that I can get a support like appointment with someone who can help me with the issues. I think it would be good way to describe my problem?
  4. I am taking some screen shot of the clusttering that I have been facing , Hopefully it will make easier to understand my problem.
  5. I have tried to do a screen caputre of the element clustering volume pathand upload to a dropbox i guess that  will help to understand. please focus on the last 15second on the video.
  6. here is the link: I have uploaded a link as an attachment as well;

Thank you for the help,