Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. So does it mean that the equivalent cross-sectional area will have no physical significance and is just a dial I use to adjust my buoyancy?

Also, I tried to run the simulation with an increased mass/unit length, and therefore an increased cross-section area, keeping the diameter I intend to use, but I got an error. The mooring cable in my project is divided into two; both are joined at a sub-float, and both have different sectional properties. But whatever higher mass/unit length I input for both (and I have tried many combinations) I get the following error:


I don’t understand what it means and couldn’t find it in the user manuals or online forums. I have encountered this error before but changing the mass/unit length (although they were not the values I needed) worked, but all the values I enter now return this error. I don’t understand.