Almost all the analyses I run are linear and non-linear static analyses. I normally import ipt and iam files from Autodesk Inventor. I then open Mechanical and start preprocessing: assigning materials, creating connections, if I have a model with fasteners I typically use beam connections, pre-tensions if I use fasteners, accelerations, constraints, etc. If an analysis shows areas are over stressed then I make some changes in Inventor (make part A thicker, add a gusset, etc) and update the geometry in Mechanical. After the geometry update I often lose material assignments to nearly all parts...not just the parts that I updated. Likewise for connections. Bonded conections between to parts that were not updated lose their scoping. Fasteners (beam connections) lose their scoping even if they connect two parts that were not updated.

It's maddening to have to rebuild so much of my model after doing a minor geometry update. As I said in my original post, I have the Use Associativity box checked under the Advanced Geometry Options in Workbench. Same for the Smart CAD Update check box. I'm running ANSYS 2022 R1 and Inventor Pro 2023.

Any suggestions to help minimize how many things "break" when I update geometry would be appriciated.