Ansys Employee


       First, please check "Setting Up an External Circuit Using Simulink" in the manual and make sure the Matlab/Simulink version is supported in the Maxwell current version.

       After that, there may be several requirement to perform this co-simulation.

       1). User should have administrator right to launch both Ansysaedt and Matlab.

       2). In Matlab, click “Set Path” in tools bar, add both the paths of \cpl\matlab\ and the “coder” folder in the same directory.

       3).  Open the cmd window, change the directory to \bin\win64, and type “Matlab.exe /regserver”, if Matlab is not registered.

       4).  Start Matlab.exe and select the compiler using “mex -setup” in Matlab panel or for the co-simulation, it is recommended to use the command “mex -setup c++”, if it needed.