Good morning,

I had the same problem. I am currently working on my Master Thesis at TUM on the structural health monitoring of a bridge. I am working with ANSYS and Matlab at the same time and need to use ANSYS as a server of MATLAB. This is unfortunately not possible in the newer versions. I could only do this with the 2021 R1 version of ANSYS. I would like to know if you could either grant me an extended license of this version of ANSYS (90 days would be enough) or if there is a way of using ANSYS as a server of MATLAB with the new versions. 

Thank you very much in advance. This issue is putting my work on my thesis on hold and I would be very grateful for a solution. 

I attach a guide on how to use ANSYS as a server on MATLAB which is currently working in the 2021 R1 version.

Best regards,

Sofia Artola